Eye exams are a vital part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Wink Optical can provide comprehensive examinations to ensure your vision is at peak performance.

What does a comprehensive eye exam entail?

A comprehensive eye exam is a way to evaluate the overall health of your eyes and vision. At Wink Optical, we utilize vision measurement exercises, lettered eye charts, and other instruments to help diagnose problems. This will allow us to determine issues with your near and far vision, as well as peripheral and depth of field.

The use of dilated exams and other equipment will help scan for systemic and ocular diseases. For instance, our testing for glaucoma involves measuring your eye pressure and looking at the optic nerve. We will test and treat problems such as dry eyes, amblyopia, and strabismus at our Chicago office. Even medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes can be ascertained through our standard eye exam.

An eye exam is your primary defense against eye diseases and conditions that can cause your vision to deteriorate as you age. Many of these diseases and conditions have few symptoms and can go undetected. A regular visit to see our optometrist can ensure catching these problems in the early stages.

How often do I need an eye exam?

After the age of 5, it is recommended to have an annual eye examination. More frequent visits should be scheduled as you become older. This is especially important if you wear contact lenses. Frequent appointments can ensure that your corneas (the transparent layer covering your eye) remains as healthy as possible.

Newborns should schedule their first exam within the first 6 months. This allows us for an evaluation of neurological and muscular function as well as a gross vision evaluation of the eye. Children should also have a comprehensive eye exam at 3 years of age. Please visit our Chicago pediatric eye exam page for more details.


If you’re unsure if you need a comprehensive eye exam, please contact us today.