Your Chlid's Vision Matters

Healthy eye function in your child is essential for visual development, physical coordination, and overall balance. But children don’t always communicate that there is a problem. That’s where the need for a pediatric eye exam comes into play.

Why Wink Optical?

As a mother of two young boys, Dr. Beute understands what goes into making your child feel safe and comfortable during an examination. Our friendly staff loves working with children and can work through the process of examinations and fitting of contact lenses or glasses.

Why does my child need an eye exam?

Our thorough eye exams look for problems such as strabismus, amblyopia or convergence insufficiency. These issues can make it difficult for your child to grasp spatial relationships, impair hand-eye coordination, and other physical abilities.

Nearsightedness and farsightedness can make reading difficult and be a burden to your child in school. Not only can this cause headaches from straining their eyes, but also may lead to issues such as ADHD.
What if my child has a school screening?

Unfortunately a school screening is not enough. Many visual problems go unnoticed in these screenings. A comprehensive eye exam is needed.

When should my child get an eye exam?

The American Optometric Association recommends that children have their first complete vision evaluation before they are six months old. After that, at age 3 and 5. When children start school, they should schedule an annual exam.

How can vision therapy help?

Vision therapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive way to correct vision problems through exercises and procedures. As one of the few optometrists offering vision therapy in Chicago, we can build a plan that works for your child.